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Even though different kinds of conflicts break out everywhere in the world, there are always people who worry about doing good deeds for the others. Those people utterly condemn any act which might eventually harm mutual peace. They put all their efforts together to preserve peace and consider how to consistently endeavor for that.

Their peacekeeping efforts which is coupled with outpouring generosity has turned them into notable and respected figures. It is due to the Nobel prize of peace, which is awarded to them.

Establishment and definition 

Since its establishment in 1901, the Nobel prize of peace is an award attributed to someone who has largely contributed to peace preservation efforts. In other words, to secure the title for a Nobel peace prize winner, one should have performed actions to establish people reunification, actions which have resulted in reducing unemployment, force, weapons and violence, or even actions which promote the advancement of mutual peace.

This is to be done in accordance with the well-defined criteria in the testament of Alfred Nobel. The prize is awarded every year and can be granted to one or many deserving people at the same time. In fact, the title can be attributed to a group of people or to an institution. In general, Nobel prize winners become historically renowned for their humanitarian actions.

How are they nominated?

The nomination process is made through an yearly analysis of the activities of several people. These include member of the national assembly, teacher-researcher, former Nobel prize laureates, special advocates of the Norwegian Committee for the Nobel prize and other advisors. Those people will propose names of prize candidates along with the actions they have performed.

Then, the selection involves debates on merits. This means the committee has a debate on who deserve to be awarded Nobel prize winners. Both the proposition and debate process has to be strictly unobtrusive. It usually takes place in October, in Oslo city, where Nobel peace prize is granted every year.

Examples of renowned Nobel peace prize recipients 

From 1901 to 2018, every year a Nobel prize for peace was given to the deserving recipient, except in 1917 and 1945. The two world wars took place in those years; therefore, it was absolutely impossible to nominate any candidate for the award.

However, in 2009, the honor was granted to the American president Barack Obama for his effort to restore public relations. He also managed to put an end to the war in the Middle East and redeploy the U.S. army troops. In 1993, Nelson Mandela was elected to be the prize winner for his efforts to crack down on apartheid. And due to her generous acts, Mother Teresa from Calcutta was entitled recipients of the prize in 1979.

In 1963, the prize was attributed to the international committee of the Red Cross. Many people are acting in favor of peace, but they have not been nominated for the Nobel prize, including Prem Rawat, an ambassador of peace. He created the Prem Rawat Foundation which provides humanitarian aid to the deprived people in the world.