Can we believe in peace?

Image Can we believe in peace?

Nowadays, nothing is more important than peace, as it causes the good functioning of our daily life. This means that without harmony, we will live in insecurity and anarchy. Beside this, harmony guarantees the possibility of a better life for our future generations. Therefore, it is mandatory that we endeavor to create a peaceful society and a peaceful world.

This is the reason why the peace advocate, Prem Rawat, transmits peace messages to the world in order to promote a better future. He even created a foundation which is named Prem Rawat Foundation to get better results. This foundation take direct or indirect peacekeeping initiatives according to the situation in a community or a country. In fact, there are people who still to do their best to encourage mutual harmony. You can learn more information about it on 

Hence, despite the current situation, the question to be asked is: can we still believe that peace is possible?

Through the work of peace craftsmen

Actually, we are living in a system that encourages a close relationship among all the countries in the world. It is all about liberal globalization that is based on international trade. The interaction among nations is mainly due to the development of international trade.

This interaction among nations has given birth to peace craftsmen. Peace craftsmen may consist of peace ambassadors, peace messengers, or simply peace advocates. All of them take initiatives and do good deeds to promote peace. With the efforts and continuous researches that those craftsmen make, there is still a hope that peace is possible. In fact, they are the witnesses for that.

Improvement in global policy

Most of the Nations conclude an agreement that by all means, it is vital to maintain peace. All the conflicts that have taken place throughout the history of humanity have resulted into disastrous consequences. Wars and conflicts threaten the happiness of the future generation.

In fact, all of the Nations, which signed the agreement on peacekeeping, have established a new policy. The policy consists of prioritizing peace before anything else. For them, it is primordial to establish peace. Therefore, it is crucial that a policy which reduces the use of force and violence in peacekeeping efforts be launched.

Development of global negotiations

It is true that we are now living in an era when everything is changing. It can be said that this is a period of mutation. Up to now, we have lived a history which has been marked by revolutions, wars and conflicts.

However, by knowing that mutual peace is threatened, each country attempts to resort to negotiations and peace talks to resolve the problems. Obviously, the decision to resolve conflicts through negotiations is caused by the fear of any possible eventual war. If a new war broke out, it could consist of a nuclear war, which would obviously result in a complete destruction of the world.

Fortunately, all has not been lost yet. There is still hope for global peace. That is certainly why advocates, organizations, companies and other associations are holding hands to struggle for peace in order to make the world a better to live.